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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2018-12-17

At Nordic Hair Clinic, we have performed over 40,000 PRP injections, making us one of the largest PRP clinics in the world.

Bragging rights are not really that interesting. But our point is that thanks to the amount of treatments, we have gained a lot of experience and a lot of routine.

We know how to carry out the treatment to give the best results. We also know the risks associated with a treatment. We also know that PRP treatment is not the same in all clinics.

Tests, and more tests

When we started with PRP at Nordic Hair Clinic 15 years ago, we bought all the equipment for PRP treatments that you can think of. We were of the opinion that we wanted to achieve optimal results. If we’re going to do this, we shouldn’t do it half-heartedly, we said.

We tested everything on the market, in every possible combination. The goal has always been to find what’s best for our customers.

With solid scientific work, we have spent a lot of time and energy trying to find the optimal equipment and the best approach.

PRP is really just a name. It means blood plasma that is rich in platelets – that is, thrombocytes. A platelet can be likened to a small ball containing up to 300 different proteins.

The platelet has different effects on the body depending on where it is released. When a wound is injured, it releases special coagulation proteins to stop the bleeding and start the skin healing.

If a health vein has been damaged, the platelets release substances that create new capillaries and blood flow.

PRP and platelets

In a PRP treatment, it is precisely the platelets that we want to target. Ninety percent of blood is water, which does not turn on or off during treatment.

For over a year, we tested different ways of centrifuging the platelets. We centrifuged harder, centrifuged less, centrifuged in two rounds…We found that three tubes of blood centrifuged for seven minutes gives the maximum effect.

We take 24 milliliters of blood from the customer. We know that some clinics take less blood, but we also know that more blood gives more effect. However, we do not use all the blood. W

e take the blood from the bottom of the vial, which is the best part. We don’t care about the rest.

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How the tube is centrifugedis also important. If the tube is centrifuged for too short a time, the platelets will not end up in the place in the tube where we want them to end up.

However, if we centrifuge for too long, the platelets are damaged. Timing is everything.

Injection technique is important.

How we inject is important. If we go too deep with the syringe, we get down to the fat layer and there are no hair follicles there. The deeper we inject, the more it hurts, and the more it bleeds.

We only need to go a few-three millimetres to have an effect. Depth is therefore an important component – both for the pain and the effect.

It is important to know how closely the injections should be carried out and how far the effect of the sting spreads. It is not possible to put a prick in every hair follicle, but the pricks should be spread out with the right distance.

In addition, it matters which needle you use. We work with the thinnest needles on the market.

We use a Japanese super-thin needle that was not originally designed for PRP treatments but has proven to be the ideal alternative.

We have been working with these needles for three years now and we dare say they are superior. They are precise and easy to work with, causing minimal damage to the customer.

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International contacts

We always want to educate ourselves and learn more. We regularly travel to exhibitions in different parts of the world that focus on outfitting.

There we squeeze and feel equipment, and keep up to date with the very latest. Both because we want inspiration and because we want to know what’s happening in research.

We collaborate with leading researchers and clinicians around the world. We have a sister clinic in Istanbul where we also send clients, not least for hair transplants.

Turkey is a world leader in this field, while an operation there costs almost half as much as in Sweden.

We want to be able to answer every question a customer could ever ask us – whether it’s about medicine, research or treatment.

If you ask us about research and background, we can always produce the documents.

Ask questions

There are several clinics in Sweden that are good at PRP treatments. But the client should be aware that PRP treatment is not the same in all clinics. It differs in method, equipment and price.

One piece of advice to anyone about to undergo PRP treatment is to be inquisitive. To enquire about the treatment process. How closely is it injected? How deep? Which needle is used?

You’ll notice pretty quickly if the answers are based on facts and knowledge. As a customer, you obviously have the right to know more about the technology and the scientific studies on which the treatment is based. A basic question is to find out how many treatments the clinic has done.

A final piece of advice is not to be tempted by low prices. If a PRP treatment is much cheaper than others on the market, it’s probably something strange going on.

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Few risks – more than financial

PRP is a treatment with extremely low risks. The risk of contracting an infection is negligible. However, there is a risk that the customer will not get the desired result.

Make sure that the person who will carry out your PRP treatment knows their stuff. You don’t want to throw money away.

We are honest

When you come to us for a consultation, we will review your circumstances and potential treatments. With us, you always get an honest answer. We’ll tell you if you’re in a tough spot.

We’ll tell you if growing hair in a particular place is not possible. We don’t want to treat customers who we don’t think will respond to treatment.

Every customer we treat who doesn’t get a result is a negative notch in our curve. A dissatisfied customer can step out into the street and say: “PRP is nothing, it sucks”. We think long-term.

We think it’s much better to tell it like it is – from the beginning.

We may recommend a hair transplantinstead of a PRP treatment. Perhaps we think you should have a thyroid test before starting PRP treatment.

Or you can leave us with a business card and go to a CBT psychologist who can help you deal with stress if we think your hair loss is stress-related. We can almost always help you.

But you won’t necessarily get the answer you were expecting.

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