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Temples - a common problem area for both women and men

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2014-12-16

For men, hair loss often starts with the temples creeping up higher and higher. But temples creeping higher are also a common problem area forwomen. This is often where the hairs are thinnest and where there are slightly fewer hairs.

Even very tight hairstyles can cause damage to the hair growth in this area, and it’s in the part of the head where people often fiddle and run their fingers through their hair frequently. The bangs and temples are simply a particularly vulnerable area in terms of both genetic factors and external pressures.a

For PRPto work in this area, there must still be living hair follicles. PRP will not regrow temples that are completely bald and have been hairless for a long time due to genetic hair loss. In these cases,hair transplantation is the only procedure that works to fill in the area.

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