Foul smelling scalp

Have you ever experienced that your scalp smells really bad? Even just a few hours after washing your hair?

It sounds strange, but it’s not uncommon and often has a natural explanation.

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Sebaceous gland

The sebaceous glands can produce a little too much sebum on the scalp at times.

The hair can then be perceived as greasy and a little stripy. In these conditions, the scalp is very sensitive to various forms of bacteria.

These live in the scalp of all humans without us noticing them. They feed on sebum and can multiply very quickly under the right conditions.

It may be that the hair does not get dry after a shower and the moisture in the scalp becomes slightly warm against the scalp.

Hot and humid conditions lead to fungus – so especially girls with long hair need to watch out for this situation. Change towels often and also pillowcases to reduce exposure to the fungus.

In rarer cases, dietary disorders can lead to an increase in the amount of fungus on the scalp, resulting in odour. Especially in case of prolonged dieting or abnormal diet.

Some medications can also cause a lowered immune system, leading to fungal infections.

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