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Sebum production on the scalp

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2014-09-17

What is vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5is also called Pantothenic Acid, and works by reducing sebum production. When sebum production decreases, pores don’t clog as easily and the acne bacteria run out of food.

Vitamin B5 thus has the same type of effect on the skin as Roaccutane, but without serious side effects. Actually, there are hardly any side effects worth mentioning.

There have been a number of long-term studies and they all work well for patients.

In some more expensive shampoos there is Pantothenic acid and the question is really why more people don’t have this as a base ingredient in shampoos.

Some others use magnesium for excessive sebum production. This works well but can also dry out the hairs which is not good in case it causes hair loss or at least a more fragile hair strand.

Sebum is a common recurring problem for many people, especially in the Nordic countries where humidity is mixed with cold and dry weather.

Some people believe that hair lasers can stop sebum production but this seems highly unlikely but some people can actually benefit from laser treatment for a better scalp.

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