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Saw Palmetto has almost no effect

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2014-12-20

Questions are often asked about Saw Palmetto and whether this product is good. There are so many opinions on the market and all health food stores consider it to be a very good product that significantly reduces their customers’ hair loss.

The conclusion after examining the preparations (Saw Palmetto comes in a variety of forms and concentrations), and the studies and research that have been done, is that this preparation has no efficacy to speak of.

Nordic Hair also did a test two years ago. All those who tested Saw Palmetto said they didn’t notice any difference – neither that the hair loss slowed down nor that they had new hair growth. About 60 people participated in the test. The preparation was carefully selected from the leading manufacturer in the USA and represented the best quality of saw palmetto, with the highest concentration.

Health food and internet companies claim that Saw Palmetto reduces the amount of DHTin the scalp. The drug is being compared to Propecia, a prescription drug originally developed for prostate problems. However, it is not possible to compare the effect of Saw Palmetto and Propecia on a theoretical and chemical level.

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