Plasma treatment

A plasma treatment, also called PRPor vampire treatment, is 100% natural, and suitable for both men and women. It has no side effects because plasma from your own blood is injected into your hair – without any additives.

For this reason, you cannot be allergic to the treatment or have any complications afterwards. A plasma treatment is also convenient and takes only 45 minutes.

Our clinics where you can do plasma treatments can be found in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

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Plasma treatment for hair

Plasma treatment (PRP) for hair is an effective treatment that stimulates hair growth. It is suitable for people who are thin-haired or have started to lose their hair, or for people who want to prevent thinning hair and hair loss.

A plasma treatment is platelets extracted from your own blood plasma. Platelets are proteins that contain growth factors.

When the blood plasma containing growth factors is injected into the scalp, it stimulates the stem cells around the hair follicle to tell the hair follicle to expand. As the hair follicle grows larger, it begins to produce a stronger strand of hair and hair growth increases.

Why you should do your plasma treatment with us

  • Long experience in plasma processing with over 40,000 performed.
  • Market-leading hair clinic in plasma treatment in the Nordic region.
  • Refining technology to provide optimal results for our patients.
  • Free pre-treatment consultation is included, as well as free follow-up.


Do you want to do a plasma treatment?

Before we recommend you to start a hair treatment with PRP, it is important to examine your hair to see that the treatment will be able to give a result.

If there are limitations, we go through them.

We also discuss what effect they may have on the final outcome if you choose to start treatment.

How much does a plasma treatment cost?

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