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Lump on the scalp

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2021-12-22

We have had several people come to us wondering about thinning areas on their heads. They have asked if it could be alopecia areata as there are often small round or slightly oval patches where no hair grows.

Almost always there is an elevation in the skin with a soft to medium soft resistance in the scalp – that feels swollen in this area.

It is a harmless cyst (sebaceous gland cyst) and it contains mostly sebum. It usually forms when the glandular opening in the skin becomes blocked. Very commonly, it forms on the scalp where hair grows.

The only way to get rid of it is to cut it off. Many people leave it in place, but if it hurts or becomes infected, it may be a good idea to remove it. It is a relatively easy procedure.

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