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"I was shocked when I saw my before and after pictures"

Published: 2021-06-12

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Thilda developed childhood rheumatism when she was 12 years old and was treated with chemotherapy. This caused her hair to go from thick and long to short and thin. She then decided to do a PRP treatment with us.

thilda resultat

– I’ve always had really thick and long hair, until I was diagnosed with childhood rheumatism and put on chemotherapy. It made me lose my hair. When I stopped taking the harshest medication and started taking milder ones, I felt that I wanted to do something about the hair loss. Then I Googled and PRP was the first thing that came up. I saw that many people in Facebook groups had recommended PRP as a treatment for hair loss as well,” says Thilda.

– I felt so bad that I had lost so much hair and it had become a vicious circle. I felt bad, then I got stressed and then I lost even more hair. I’ve always had thick hair all the way to the ends, but now it disappeared. The hair had become so thin so quickly. When I found the information that PRP existed, I immediately called and made an appointment for a consultation.

Thilda had her hair examined at the consultation

She contacted us at Nordic Hair Clinic and booked a free consultation with Maggie, our hair specialist. During a consultation, we will go through your conditions and examine your hair. We then make an assessment of what type of treatment works best for the patient, and how many PRP treatments are needed to achieve the expected results.

– Maggie examined my hair and saw that my hair follicles were tired, but they weren’t dead, just dormant,” says Thilda.

With Thilda’s illness, she has become accustomed to injections. Before her first PRP treatment, she was most nervous about how her results would be and whether PRP was something that would work for her hair loss.

PRP continues to work after last treatment

As many people had seen how much hair she had lost during her medication for childhood rheumatism, Thilda didn’t feel it was strange to be open about the fact that she was undergoing PRP treatments.

– I can imagine that for many people it might be something to feel ashamed of, but in my case everyone has seen how much hair I’ve lost so it hasn’t been anything to hide.

We usually recommend 3 PRP treatments initially to our patients. After examining Thilda’s hair, we recommended 4 PRP treatments to start the positive effect after her medication.

When you start to see results after your PRP treatments differs greatly from person to person, but even after you have completed your treatments, PRP continues to work by stimulating hair growth.

– I am so happy with my result. I have felt that I have gotten results along the way, but when I saw the before and after pictures, I was shocked. I thought, “can there really be this much difference?” ‘I’ve seen that I’ve got a lot of light hairs at the front of my hairline, the baby hairs have started to come out,’ says Thilda.

Thilda’s recommendations to others who are losing hair

Thilda has advised many people to have PRP treatment. Her cousin came to us for a hair transplant on Thilda’s recommendation. Her top tip for people who feel bad about their hair loss is to contact a hair clinic

– Make contact in time. Don’t wait too long. So that they don’t have time to go from dormant hair follicles to dead ones because then PRP won’t be able to help. Then you can only do a hair transplant and PRP is both milder and easier. I have recommended my brother and he is in doing a treatment right now actually. Because he has also felt that he has lost hair and has been a little worried. I told him to take care of it in time so he wouldn’t lose any more and have to have a transplant. Then my cousin was here and did a transplant two months ago,” says Thilda.

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