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"I've been thinking about it for over a year"

Published: 2021-02-20

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Sadaf doesn’t have much hair in her eyebrows naturally, so she always used makeup. But when she bathed or swam or was out in the rain, the paint always ran off and she had to carry make-up with her everywhere to fill in her eyebrows. When she found us at Nordic Hair Clinic and felt that we both had experience and understood that we performed transplants in Sweden, she booked an appointment for an eyebrow transplant.


Sadaf had been considering an eyebrow transplant for about two years before she made the decision. She did a lot of research, read reviews, looked at before and after pictures and read as much as she could get her hands on. She looked for a clinic that had satisfied patients, had good documented results and that performed the procedure in Sweden. She didn’t want to go abroad, which is the only option for some clinics.

After reading customer testimonials, looking at before and after pictures and videos, and reading reviews about us at Nordic Hair Clinic, she felt that this was the clinic she wanted to do her procedure at. She appreciated that we share so much material and really show both results and how it is done.

After the transplant

After the procedure, Sadaf was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be. She didn’t find the procedure painful, she basically felt nothing apart from the anaesthetic injections which felt a bit. She urges anyone who is reluctant to have the procedure because they fear it will be painful and uncomfortable to take the plunge and make an appointment. Sadaf says not at all and the anaesthetic is similar to the one you get at the dentist.

Sadaf also wants to say that she felt safe during the procedure. She appreciated having someone check on her periodically to make sure she was okay and she appreciated the service she received during the procedure.

After the transplant, it is important to sleep properly and to clean the transplant area properly. Sadaf was a little worried about sleeping because she usually sleeps on her stomach, which she couldn’t do after her operation, but she was fine and could sleep quite well. Washing her eyebrows was a little nervous because she didn’t want to hurt anything, but she did it carefully and even that went well,” says Sadaf.

First PRP treatment

Sadaf chose to add treatments for her hair in addition to the three PRP treatments for her eyebrows included in the surgery price. She had also done research on PRP and was impressed with the results that many people get and took the opportunity when she was going to treat her eyebrows to also test and see if she could get a healthier and thicker hair.

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