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"When I look at myself in the mirror I feel a little shocked"

Published: 2019-05-03

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Arnt, 47 years old

Arnt comes from Norway, but has been living in Sweden for many years. In his job as marketing director, he meets a lot of people and sometimes gives talks. In recent years, he had begun to feel uncomfortable with himself and how he looked. After reading up on various hair loss solutions, and after trying Propecia without any changes to his thinning hair, he decided to book a hair transplant consultation at Nordic Hair Clinic.

– I chose to come to Nordic Hair Clinic because I felt uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror. My hair loss started 10-12 years ago and it has become a problem for me. I had to consider what to do! Should I shave off all my hair? I sent a few different inquiries to different clinics that do hair transplants, but felt it was very nice when I got here. I received very good advice during my consultation. It felt very safe,” says Arnt.

How Arnt prepared for the hair transplant

For Arnt, a hair transplant is about coming back to a sense of security in himself. Not being able to feel comfortable with himself and how he looked in larger social contexts became a growing problem.

– Then I thought I could do something about it, and when you start reading about hair transplants, how the process works, what you can get done and how easy and smooth it is, you wonder why more people don’t do it who feel bad,” says Arnt.

The day before his hair transplant, Arnt felt most nervous about how he would look with shaved hair and how he would look immediately after the procedure. He tried to be as prepared as possible.

– The most important thing for me is to read up and have an understanding of what will happen after the procedure. It’s important that I follow the aftercareso that you don’t create problems for yourself. It’s a big change, and it takes time, but the most important thing is that you feel safe and know that it will be fine afterwards. The information you have on the website is very informative and good, so it has also created a sense of security in me before going into an operating room.

Arnt describes the course of events

– The transplant went well. It took time, but it was no problem. Then there was a 20 minute break to get some food and energy. I felt no pain or discomfort. It’s a very strange feeling when your whole head goes numb.

– You don’t feel anything. So it feels more like you have a helmet on your head and you hear things happening, but you have no idea what’s going on because you don’t feel anything. So it was quite nice,” says Arnt, laughing.

The first days after a hair transplant

The day after the hair transplant, it is time to remove the bandagefrom the donor area. Arnt enlisted the help of his girlfriend, who found it a little uncomfortable because he had bled a little during the night. A little bleeding or wound fluid during the first night is a normal part of the healing process and it’s just a matter of washing off the donation area and wiping it clean with paper towels.

– The first night was actually more pleasant than the second night. With the bandage I sat up and slept and I was probably very tired after the operation so I fell asleep quite immediately. The second night was a bit more difficult because the donation area was very open and there was a bit of bleeding in some places. I got a little more stressed because I didn’t want to sit back in that area.

– You know you’ve done a time-consuming procedure. Then you don’t want to do anything to impede healing. So the second night I was more focused on sitting up and sleeping right and therefore couldn’t really relax. But after that it was no problem.

– The weird thing is that mentally I have an image of myself with hair, so when I see myself shaved in the mirror, I feel a little shocked. But you can see that there is hair there and that it is coming back, so it’s fun. I look forward to it. It’s itchy right now, but it’s nice to see that things are actually moving forward,” says Arnt.

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