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Are you curious about how a hair transplant or PRP treatment works? Follow our customers before, during and after their procedure/treatment and take part in their experience with us!

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After Erik had a consultation with us, he decided to start with three PRP treatments at one-month intervals.

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Soraya, 24 years old

Soraya has had issues about her hairline. She has been thinking for years about having a hair transplant and lowering her hairline. "My forehead felt really big," says Soraya.

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Mikael, 34 years old

Mikael started getting thin hair at the age of 28. At first, it wasn't something he gave much thought to. But when he started getting joking comments about his hair, he started thinking about it more and more.

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Kenny, 31 years old

Kenny started losing hair and getting more and more visible temples. He decided to have a hair transplant combined with PRP treatments to get his hair back.

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Luciano, 51 years old

Luciano started to grow thinning hair at a young age. Twenty years ago, he had a hair transplant with punch grafts that left terrible scars. Something he has long wanted to correct with another hair transplant.

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Martin, 23 years old

Martin decided to have a hair transplant using the FUE method and then a course of PRP treatments. He discussed his thoughts and ideas with Maggie and came to the conclusion that a hair transplant in Istanbul was a good option.

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