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"I will recommend the treatment to everyone"

Published: 2019-02-17

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Olga, 26 years old

Olga, 26, started losing a lot of hair and suffered from hair loss after pregnancy. She searched for solutions to slow down hair loss and found PRP.

Olga found out more about PRP treatments and the results the treatment provides. She then found Nordic Hair Clinic on social media. She made an appointment for a consultationat the clinic in Gothenburg. “I was treated very well by knowledgeable staff and got a good impression of the clinic,” says Olga.

Olga then decided to have three PRP treatments at one-month intervals. This is to slow down their hair loss and stimulate growth.

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Did you research the treatment beforehand?
– No, I didn’t. It was explained to me in a very good and educational way at the consultation. So I felt I knew everything I needed to know before my treatment.

How was your first treatment?
– It was what I thought it would be. It didn’t hurt but sometimes for short moments it felt a bit uncomfortable. But that is okay.

Have you been open about doing PRP treatments for your hair?
– Yes I have told most people I know. No one had heard of the treatment before, so I told them how it works and what the results are.

Would you recommend PRP treatments to others?
– If the treatment slows down my hair loss and revives my tired hair, I will recommend the treatment to everyone I know.

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