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"It didn't hurt and I felt no pain"

Published: 2021-12-15

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Hårtransplantation nordic hair clinic

Hasnaa, 32 years old

6 years ago Hasnaa lost a lot of hair and lost her hair after her pregnancy after she had her third child, and since then her hair has not recovered. She has tried several medications and vitamins that have not yielded any results. She turned to us at Nordic Hair Clinic for help, and was then recommended to have a hair transplant.

After Hasnaa’s third pregnancy, she started losing a lot of hair. She googled to find a solution to her hair loss and tried several medications and vitamins without any result. When she googled, she found PRP, a treatment that helps with hair loss and thinning, offered by Nordic Hair Clinic.

Hasnaa booked a consultation and met with hair specialist Maggie. Maggie did a thorough examination of Hasnaa’s hair and concluded that a PRP treatment would not help her. In order to regain and grow fuller hair, Hasnaa would need a hair transplant.

– It felt a bit scary and strange when Maggie told me about the hair transplant, I didn’t know about it before. When I got home, I googled and got more information about the procedure. But I was so tired of all the vitamins and medicines that I had tried before without any results, so I decided to have a hair transplant,” says Hasnaa.

The procedure

– It was a bit difficult as I didn’t sleep well the night before, but I still feel that the procedure went well. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t feel any pain, I fell asleep so the nurses had to wake me up when I would turn over,” says Hasnaa, laughing.

After the procedure, Hasnaa should take it easy and rest. She should take it easy when showering and combing her hair, and avoid hats and caps for the first few days. Hasnaa will also avoid the sun and working out for two weeks. She hopes and believes that the end result will be great.

Hårtransplantation nordic hair clinic

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