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Published: 2020-04-15

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Resultat efter en kvinnlig hårtransplantation

A stressful period in her life, which resulted in a lot of hair loss, as well as a high hairline – these were factors that led Diana to seek information about hair transplants.

As Diana searched around for information on hair transplants, she quickly found that the FUE method, which we use here at Nordic Hair Clinic, seemed to be the best. The method allows the hair follicle groups to be picked out one by one by drilling around them. Each graft (hair follicle) is then picked out of the donation area with tweezers, to be implanted where the patient wants more hair.

Before and after photos and testimonials from previous customers helped Diana make her decision

After finding the Nordic Hair Clinic and seeing lots of before and after pictures and reading about other people’s experiences, Diana decided to book an appointment for a hair transplant to fill out her hairline and bangs.

“- Just the name Nordic Hair caught my attention and made me think ‘this is probably aimed at us northerners’ …”, says Diana, “… and the more I read, I felt that this is absolutely right.”

At the beginning of August last year, it was time for the operation. Diana had read up on the procedure and had therefore prepared herself for the various stages of the procedure. In this way, she also felt mentally prepared for, for example, the anaesthetic injections – which can be a bit painful. But as soon as the anaesthetic kicked in, it felt like nothing. Diana found the whole procedure, including the anaesthetic injections, quite painless.

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