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"Don't wait 10 years like I did, but 'go for it' right away"

Published: 2020-07-15

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Barbro, 64 years old

Barbro spent around 45 minutes every morning putting makeup on her eyebrows. As I got older and my eyesight deteriorated, it just got harder and harder to get them smooth and straight. She pondered for several years, going back and forth on whether to go ahead and do something about her eyebrows. Eventually, she made the decision to have an eyebrow transplant with us at Nordic Hair Clinic.

Eyebrows can be an important part of our facial expressions and our ability to express ourselves. Many people lose some of their eyebrow hairs with age. The hair follicles may also become inactive if the eyebrows have been overplucked in the past. Painting or tattooing eyebrows are options to create the illusion of fuller brows. However, if you wish to have new real eyebrows with hairs, an eyebrow transplant is an option that gives a natural result.

Barbro is retired and runs a small shop. So despite retirement, she has a relatively active life. That’s why she was saddened by the daily frustration of not being able to paint her eyebrows the way she wanted them because her eyesight had deteriorated.

Watch Barbro herself talk about her transplant

7 months after the hair transplant

A few months after Barbro’s procedure, she was very happy, there was only one thing she regretted; that she hadn’t done it before.

– The result was more than I expected. The eyebrows have grown well, I’ve already started trimming them, says Barbro.

After the procedure, others were curious about how it had felt, how Barbro felt and how it had happened. Barbro knows several people who are thinking of doing the same.

Her advice to others thinking about the same thing is to take the plunge.

– Don’t wait 10 years as I have done, but ‘go for it’ right away, says Barbro

See Barbro’s results, 7 months after the transplant

PRP treatments after surgery

The price of an eyebrow transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic always includes three PRP treatments. This is so that the result is as good as possible. Plasma helps the healing process and makes it go faster. The hair follicles are also stimulated to produce thicker and stronger hairs.

About eyebrow transplants

As with beard and hair transplants on the head, the hair is also removed from the neck during an eyebrow transplant. It is hair that has good genetic conditions to survive and not fall off. However, there are also hairs that are genetically coded not to stop growing at about one centimetre like natural eyebrow hairs so you may need to touch them up a bit from time to time.

The procedure takes about 4 hours. The time depends on the care that goes into everything from drawing out the correct shape of the brows to extracting the hair follicles and finally placing them in the eyebrows. Hair follicles must be placed in the right direction and at the right depth, one at a time. Read more about eyebrow transplants here.

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