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"It feels like it's more normal and more accepted nowadays"

Published: 2020-11-15

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Ari, 44 years old

Ari works full time with training and instructs and trains instructors. A few years ago, he noticed that he was getting thinning hair at the top of his head. He also didn’t think his beard was thick enough. So he decided to have both a beard transplant and a hair transplant.

After some thought, Ari decided to schedule a consultation. Once he had done so, he felt that the decision could have been made years earlier as it was not nearly as dangerous as he had previously thought.

– At first it felt a bit embarrassing, but now I feel that hair transplants are becoming more and more common. It feels like it’s more normal and more accepted nowadays. Then it will also be nice to have a beard transplant and get a full beard.

Hair transplant went much more smoothly than expected

Before her hair and beard transplant, Ari didn’t feel nervous at all. Everything felt good and he felt calm. There were some thoughts about the long time and not being allowed to eat solid food or talk and move your jaw. But afterwards there were no difficulties at all. It was easy to sleep and there was no mess or blood when he took the bandage off a few days later.

– The whole operation feels a bit too easy because I haven’t felt anything. And I haven’t been paid to say this,” Ari says, laughing. Washing my hair has been fine and the only thing that has really been a bit of a problem is that it has been itchy and my jaw is swollen. But apart from that and the fact that I had a bit of a headache, nothing bothered me.

9 months after the hair transplant

A few months after Ari’s hair transplant, he visited again for a PRP treatment. PRP is an effective method to stimulate hair growth and can be used after hair transplants. Ari says that after his transplant, he received comments and compliments about his beard even though he hadn’t told anyone around him about his transplant.

– Book a consultation and go for it. Don’t wait, is Ari’s advice to others who are thinking of having a transplant.

He talks about the fantastic treatment he has received from Nordic Hair Clinic and thinks that he has received good help by phone and email. Staff are perceived as friendly, welcoming and cheerful.

Se Aris resultat

1 year later

One year after Ari’s hair and beard transplant, we at Nordic Hair Clinic took him to Sweden’s best barber, Alan Mannerstål, who works at Mannerståls Herrfrisering. Ari got a haircut and styling with the best products for hair and beard from Noberu ofSweden.

Watch the video as Ari gets his makeover.

Do you want to have a beard and hair that looks just as good? Contact Mannerståls Herrfrisering and they will help you!

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