Increased beard growth with PRP treatment and Minoxidil

Many people may have heard that Minoxidilalso works to stimulate beard growth. It is true that Minoxidil also works to get a denser beard growth.

For best results, we recommend combining Minoxidil with PRP treatments for the beard.

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Minoxidil in combination with PRP treatment

PRP treatment is a methodthat uses your own blood plasma to stimulate hair follicles to produce a stronger, better quality strand of hair.

PRPs are platelets extracted from your own blood plasma. Platelets are proteins that contain growth factors.

The blood plasma with growth factors is injected into the scalp. This stimulates the stem cells around the hair follicle and causes it to expand. As the hair follicle grows larger, it begins to produce a stronger strand of hair and hair growth increases.

Minoxidil works as a good complement to PRP treatments to stimulate beard growth. Minoxidil for the beard is available in both liquid and foam form, and is sold under the brand name Rogaine Forte.

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Follow Andrea's path to thicker beard growth with Minoxidil and PRP treatments

Andreas came to us to try PRP treatment on his beard and increase his beard growth. Previously, he had taken the medicine Minoxidil for his beard.

It was when Andreas noticed that his hair was thinning that he talked to his friends about it. Some of them had started taking Minoxidil, a medicine that stimulates hair growth.

– For a very long time I have thought that I have not been able to grow a beard. It has been very sparse and non-existent. It only grew in the chin area. Then, when I was around 30, I started to grow out my beard and then I got something that resembled a beard, but it wasn’t full,” says Andreas.

How much does a PRP treatment for the beard cost?

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