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Medication after your hair transplant

You will be given medication after your hair transplant to reduce the risk of swelling and infection.

It is important that you take the medication according to the instructions you received at your post-hair transplant consultation where we reviewed aftercare and medication.

Read more about how to take your medicine below.

Information sheet on medication

Medications we recommend


Should you get a little pain in the neck or head after the procedure, you can take 1-2 tablets of Ibuprofen for pain relief. Taken with food.



To minimise the risk of an infection associated with your procedure, you should take antibiotics for the first 3 days after your hair transplant.

Day 1: 1 pill in the clinic and 1 tablet in the evening
Day 2: 1 pill in the morning and evening
Day 3: 1 pill in the morning and evening

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To reduce the risk of swelling after the procedure, you will be given cortisone for the first few days.

Day 1: 6 pills in the clinic
Day 2: 4 pills in the morning
Day 3: 2 pills in the morning


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