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Hair transplantation - when do we say no?

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2022-01-12

We love hair and we love giving our customers great hair days. Our goal is to make every customer feel proud and beautiful. In many cases, PRP treatments are sufficient to increase hair growth, but sometimes a hair transplant may be required.

A hair transplant is a solution that suits most people, but in certain circumstances we will advise against the procedure.

It is important for us that your hair transplant lives up to the expectations you have of the result.

All hair transplants begin with a thorough review of your prerequisites for a successful hair transplant.

If we decide that it will not live up to your expectations or that your circumstances are not right – then you can be sure that we will advise you against the procedure. We always prioritise satisfaction and good results over quantity of customers.

We prefera fully satisfied customer with great results than threecustomers who do not feel 100% satisfied with their hair after their hair transplant.

As a result, we sometimes discourage clients from undergoing hair transplantation with us. Below we list some of the circumstances in which we might say no to you.

You have too little hair in the donation area

If hair growth is too sparse in the donor area (usually the neck), it is not always wise to do a hair transplant.

We use the FUE method, where we move hair follicles (grafts) from the donation area to the transplant area.

This means that if you transplant hair from an already thin neck, the transplant may result in further noticeable thinning of the neck. So you’re not fixing the thinning hair – you’re just moving it.

You may have enough hair in the donation area but if we see that this hair is under the influence of your hereditary hair loss, we will also advise you against it.

You have too much hair in the receiving area

If you do a hair transplant with too much hair growth in the recipient area, the procedure may do more harm than good. The area you want to transplant hair to simply needs to have reached a certain degree of thinness before it is receptive to transplanted hair follicles.

Should we transplant hair to a recipient area with too much hair, the already existing hair follicles could be damaged – which is something we try to avoid.

If we see that you have too much hair in the recipient area during the consultation, we will probably recommend you to slow down the hair loss with PRP instead.

Despite diligent PRP treatment, it is unfortunately not a solution to hair loss altogether. Sooner or later, you are always welcome to come back and review your new conditions for a transplant.

You are breastfeeding or during pregnancy

A hair transplant involves both antibiotics and local anaesthesia.

There may be a risk that anaesthetics could affect your baby or foetus, and we have therefore taken the decision to advise against use during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

You have a scar in the recipient area that lacks blood circulation

Hair cannot grow in a scar that lacks blood circulation. Without blood supply, the hair follicle cannot grow firm.

This means that if you transplant hair follicles into a scar that has no blood supply, sooner or later the hair follicle will die and the hair will fall off. We therefore advise against proceeding with a hair transplant in these cases.

There are scars that have a good blood supply. This does not mean that it is not possible to transplant hair over your particular scar. We perform many hair transplants over scarring but then it is important that we establish that the scar has a blood supply.

We ensure this by making a small, superficial hole in the scar during the consultation. Kommer det blod är en hårtransplantation aktuell.

What are your conditions?

Are you unsure if you have the right conditions for a hair transplant? Take the opportunity to ask all your questions during one of our free consultations. During the consultation, we look at your circumstances and draw a desired hairline.

We at Nordic Hair Clinic love hair too much to see anyone unhappy with their hair growth – so let us take a look at you and see what we can do!


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