Glueing hair replacement on your head

Hair replacement, or hair parts as some call it, is a good solutionfor those people who have lost so much hair that laser or hair transplantation is simply not possible. The time factor is also crucial for people who have undergone chemotherapy where all the hair has fallen off. You need to get your hair back quickly, and a wig or larger hairpiece can quickly save the day.

With traditional hair replacements, these need to be changed every three to four weeks to clean the scalp and hair part from glue to reduce the risk of infection. Sending along a picture of what it looks like to attach today’s hair replacements or hair pieces, depending on what you like to call it. In many countries it’s actually called a toupee.

Some of the best hair replacement solutions on the rise in the US are hairpieces that are fitted with suction cups. This allows people to walk around safely without the risk of loosening but also gives them the opportunity to take off the hair replacement at night to air out their head.

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