Do we have an age limit on hair transplants?

We are often asked if we have a specific age limit for hair transplants. We have an 18-year age limit on the procedures we perform, but technically there is no age too young.

In general, the suitability of a hair transplant depends on how long the hair loss has lasted and the relationship between the donor area and the recipient area. However, if the transplant is done at a relatively early stage of the hair loss process, some of the “original” hair may continue to fall out, and this is very important to take into account.

You cannot know for sure exactly how much hair you will lose, i.e. when the hair loss process will “slow down”. But if you have lost a lot of hair before the age of 20, the DHT process in your body is very strong. In these cases, hair loss can therefore be expected to continue.

If you choose to have a hair transplant to reinforce your hairline and fill in temples, the transplanted hair follicles will stay in place forever, as they are programmed to never fall out. If the original hair on the head continues to fall off, this area can become much sparser compared to the transplanted hair in front of the hairlineand temples.

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Age in itself is therefore not a determining factor for a transplant, but if you are very young, you must take into account that you may need another transplant in the future to maintain the hairstyle you want. However, it is difficult to say exactly when this would happen.

This is a major responsibility of the person planning and performing the procedure. It is not only a matter of clearly informing the customer, but also of adapting the number of hair follicles that are moved. Should another transplant be needed in the future, there should be enough hair left in the neck to harvest and therefore the maximum number of graftsshould not be taken out.

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