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Can Covid-19 cause hair loss?

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2022-01-28

Covid-19 will soon celebrate its 800th day in the world. During this (long) period, we have learned a lot about how the disease affects our body and, in turn, our hair.

At the same time, we have found that many people come to us with questions about a sudden hair loss that they cannot link to a specific event.

Experiencing hair loss without knowing the underlying cause can be frustrating.

As hair experts, we have extensive experience of the factors that can lead to hair loss. Through our own research and existing knowledge, we can conclude that this sudden hair loss is often a consequence of the body’s reaction to a Covid-19 infection.

What is the connection between hair loss and Covid-19?

We can state that a severe infection together with a high fever can lead to hair loss. Infections of this degree are classified as a physical, and sometimes psychological, trauma to the body.

This trauma provokes the body to activate defence mechanisms. The mechanisms often take the form of inactivating less important functions of the body in order to focus instead on fighting the infection.

One of these functions is the active production of hair. In other words, when trauma leaves its mark inside the body, it can react by putting hair follicles into a resting phase.

This resting phase usually lasts for 2-3 months before the hair finally falls off. In some individuals, it can take up to six months after infection for hair loss to appear. This makes it difficult to trace the source of hair loss.

By classifying Covid-19 as an infection and fever being a common symptom of the disease, we can ensure that it has the potential to cause hair loss in those who have been infected.

The vicious circle

The added stress of not knowing what’s causing your hair loss creates a vicious cycle. In fact, mental stress is also classified as physical trauma to the body.

This means that the infection causes hair loss, which in turn causes stress in the individual. This stress then leads to further hair loss. And so it goes round and round, getting worse and worse.

We want to both prevent the risks of our customers falling into this vicious circle and at the same time help those who are already in trouble. We do this by examining your hair and giving you a concrete answer as to what is causing your hair loss.

We’ve found that just getting answers to the question of why you lose hair helps many people reduce their stress levels – and thus their hair loss.

Such an examination takes place during one of our free consultations.

During the consultation, we will examine your hair follicles with a micro camera and find out the cause of your hair loss. We will then come up with a suitable treatment together.

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The optimal treatment

What can you do about it?

The optimal treatment for stress and trauma-related hair loss is PRP(platelet rich plasma).

PRP is a treatment regimen where we extract platelet-rich plasma from your own blood, which we then inject into your scalp. No additives are used and therefore the treatment is 100% natural – with no risk of side effects.

PRP increases hair growth, slows and prevents hair loss, and revives dormant hair follicles. As trauma and stress put hair follicles into dormancy, this treatment has been proven to be very effective against hair loss linked to Covid-19.

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