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Alopecia areata is curable

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2021-12-14

Throughout the ages, incurable diseases have been written about, including alopecia areata (patchy hair loss) – one of many autoimmune diseases within the concept of alopecia.

But now we seem to be getting closer and closer to a breakthrough on this insidious hair disease. Research around the world has come up with various treatments to change these bald spots that appear and make them grow again.

It could be light treatments, allergenic chemicals or PRP injections – all have shown more or less positive results.

What increases the possibility of quickly arriving at a final solution is that it works from different theories and this leads to increased speed of results.

Understanding how allergy affects the disease gives a picture of the disease mechanisms, and then seeing how light/laser affects the disease from a completely different perspective allows researchers to more quickly figure out how the disease actually occurs and how it can be cured.

At Nordic Hair Clinic, in addition to solving our clients’ hair-related problems, our goal is to create a safe place for people who suffer from various hair problems, including clients with alopecia areata.

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