Afraid of needles? 6 tips to overcome the fear of your PRP treatment

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2022-03-08

Few people appreciate getting an injection. But there are some people who find it particularly hard, which can make PRP treatment difficult.

And that’s obviously something we want to help our customers with. Therefore, below are some tips to help you with the anxiety before and during your PRP treatment (or Covid-19vaccination).


1. Take deep breaths

When we experience anxiety or nervousness, our body tenses and our breathing speeds up and becomes shallow. Tension in the body can make the sting feel worse than it is.

Take long, deep breaths (in through your nose, out through your mouth) before the injection to relax your body and mind.


2. Think positive

When irrational and negative thoughts arise, remind yourself that the pain will be over in a few seconds.


3. Distract yourself

Find something that helps you think about something other than what’s going on. Listen to quiet music, watch something on your phone or squeeze a stress ball.

Sometimes it can help to have a conversation with the person who is going to treat you or give you the injection.


4. Use anaesthesia

The vast majority of our customers do not find it worthwhile to use anaesthesia. It usually goes well anyway. But if you really want an anaesthetic, you can tell us when you book your treatment.

In such cases, we put anaesthetic ointment on your scalp. There are also ’emla patches’ available from pharmacies to numb the needle stick.

You put this on at home before your treatment. These don’t guarantee a completely pain-free needle stick, but it can be reassuring for both body and mind to know that the pain is slightly less.


5. Simply look away

Why even look at what is happening? By just looking away or closing your eyes, you can ignore the circumstances and pretend you’re somewhere else.


6. Talk to us

Knowing that the person looking after you is used to taking blood samples or giving injections can be a relief. We have performed thousands of treatments and want to be a good support for you as a customer.

Communicate your fears early so the person treating you knows to take the extra time to make sure you are comfortable and ready.

You can also discuss exactly what you need to make the experience more enjoyable for you.


We know what we are doing!

During our ten years of performing PRP treatments, we have refined our injection technique. We have put a lot of time into making the treatment as painless as possible.

Many customers tell us that it hurts less to do PRP with us, and that doesn’t surprise us. This is something that sets us apart from many of our competitors.

We use needles similar to those used in acupuncture – that is, the thinnest on the market. These needles are developed specifically for PRP treatments.

Another big difference is how shallow we go in when we inject. During our treatments, we never go deeper than 3 mm into the scalp.

This is not primarily to make it feel smaller but also because the effect of PRP is at its best at that depth.

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