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5 feminine hairstyles for you with thin hair

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2022-02-07

Do you have thin hair? Do you feel it makes it hard to look your best? Then this article is for you.

Finding the best hairstyles for thin hair can be a challenge. But with the right hairstyle, you can create a look that even people with naturally thick hair would envy.

We’ve listed some of the best hairstyles for people with thinning hair.

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Layered, long hair

Layered hair, especially around the front of the head, works well for women with a high hairline. When the hair is layered, it creates volume and thus becomes a great way to create fullness along your hairline.

Layered hair is the opposite of a full style – that is, a hairstyle where all the hairs are the same length.

Layering the hair can be done on many different hairstyles but makes the biggest difference on longer lengths. This style makes it easier for you to control the shape of the hairstyle and at the same time gives volume to the hair.


Layered bob cut

A bob cut can add volume to your hair on its own. When you add a layered touch to the hairstyle, it creates an even fuller look.

For thin hair, a shorter version of the hairstyle is best.

Long hairstyles weigh the hair down and often make thin hair at the scalp more prominent. Instead, a bob cut allows your hair to rest lightly on top of your head, laying the foundation for fuller features.


Bangs is a hairstyle where you let your hair fall forward over the front hairline of your scalp in the shape of a bangs.

The hair is often cut just above the eyebrows but the exact position may vary.

Due to the structure of the hairstyle, bangs are ideal for those who have thin hair in the front hairline or in the folds. Bangs are also easy to handle and exude youthfulness.

Pixie cut

The rule of thumb is that the shorter your hair, the fewer signs of thinning will be visible.

A pixie hairstyle is one of the shortest hairstyles you can have and therefore also requires low maintenance. It is the optimal hairstyle for those who have thin hair around the crown.

The hairstyle also makes it easy to cover bald spots on your head as you have great freedom to place your hair how and where you want.

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Loose braid

Braiding thin hair is not always easy. If you do it wrong, the hairstyle can be counterproductive as it risks making thinning hair more obvious, especially in the bone and around the crown. But if you do it right, the hairstyle has potential.

A loose, well-placed braid can cover an area where you know you have thin hair.

Be careful not to make the braid too tight as this can lead to hair loss.

Free consultations

If you feel that none of these hairstyles is the right solution for you, PRPor ahair transplant may be what you need.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to anyone who wants to investigate the well-being of their hair.

During the consultation, we ask questions and examine your hair with a micro camera. We will then discuss your options for getting your hair back or slowing down your hair loss.

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