Why do men lose hair first in the temples?

Interesting question that we can answer right away – because that’s how male pattern baldness starts and spreads. But why? Is the hair in the forehead line more sensitive to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), for example, or could there be other explanations?

It could be that all the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT is in the forehead in men to begin with and is very scarce in the rest of the scalp.

Or could it be that the receptors in the temples for DHT are much more sensitive at a young age than the receptors on the rest of the scalp?

There are several good theories but they can all be argued against and reversed.


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Our view

Our professional opinion is that the hair follicles at the front of the scalp and hairline are more sensitive than the hair follicles further back

This is encoded in the genes and therefore the temples take the brunt of it. This then continues towards the neck as the posterior hair follicles become weaker as they get older.

Clearly, the amount of enzyme, 5alpha reductase, also plays a role in the process of how much hair we should lose. With a lot of enzymes, the single affected area will get cold faster but the pull back over the head need not be faster.


For many men, taking Propecia and having their hair lasered at the same time can be a successful treatment. Propecian suppresses the amount of enzymes in the blood and slows down the local spread of hair loss.

If the person uses the laser at the same time, the hair cells affected by DHT may quicken, and start growing more and faster again. Unfortunately, however, the temples are very difficult to treat.

This is true for both laser and Propecia and Rogaine which is also a common product for hair loss in men. All this treatment also takes time.

Unfortunately, you can’t swallow a few pills and expect your scalp to start sprouting hairs. Propecia takes 12 months before maximum results will be seen and for laser we should not expect results before 5-6 months.

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