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Tired of losing hair? How easy it is to get your hair back

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2020-01-17

Hair loss and other hair problems are very common among both men and women – and the cause can vary. Plasma treatments and hair transplants are the most effective solutions for regaining thick, beautiful hair follicles. Here, Maggie Stolt from Nordic Hair Clinic, Sweden’s leading hair clinic for plasma treatments and hair transplants, tells you everything you need to know.

“Everyone who gets their hair in order has a better self-esteem.
They are much happier, we can see that immediately when we meet them for follow-up.”

– Maggie Stolt, VD, Nordic Hair Clinic

Hair loss

It is perfectly normal to lose about 100 hairs a day. But if you lose more than that, it could be due to something underlying.

Maggie Stolt, CEO of Nordic Hair Clinic, explains that factors such as stress, heredity, illness and vitamin deficiencies can affect your hair growth and cause both brittle and thinning hair.

A lot of people feel bad when the hair they once had starts to disappear. When hair lossdoesn’t subside after a while, many concerned people decide to investigate different remedies.

It’s not uncommon to try experimental preparations bought online or to give many home remedies a try, says Maggie Stolt.

Nordic Hair Clinic is the leading hair clinic in the Nordic countries for PRP treatments and hair transplants. Since its launch in 2006, their hair specialists have helped over 15,000 clients at their clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Istanbul, Turkey, to regain their thick, healthy hair.

This through modern techniques for both PRP treatments and hair transplants.

PRP or transplantation?

Everything at Nordic Hair Clinic starts with a free consultation. During the appointment, the scalp is examined with a digital microscope and the cause of the hair loss is determined.

The appropriate treatment is then decided on the basis of each patient’s individual circumstances. The approach to treatment therefore differs from customer to customer.

When we perform a PRP treatment, we inject special proteins (plasma/platelets – the body’s own growth factors) from the patient’s blood into the skin at the problem area.

This makes your hair start to grow better because the hair follicles become stronger and can therefore produce thicker strands. It is a simple treatment that takes about 45 minutes and is performed by specially trained nurses.

You can expect a result after three treatments, she says and continues:

However, if we find thatmany hair follicles are “dead”, we recommend a hair transplant instead.

Then we move hair follicles from an area with a lot of healthy hair, most commonly the neck, to the area where you want more hair. The hair follicles grow firm within 48 hours and then start producing new hair.

Within a week, we replenish the hair follicles with a PRP treatment, which makes the healing process go better and the hair grow faster. The procedure is performed by a team of experts, each of whom has performed at least 2,500 hair transplants.

Apart from having a clear effect on hair growth, PRP also has a fantastic effect on the skin. This is the same type of treatment, but we inject the blood plasma into the skin instead.

It gives you a healthier skin tone, more radiance and overall more elastic and fresh skin,” concludes Maggie Stolt.

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