Why you should do your hair transplant today

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2021-12-14

If we compare the performance and outcome of a hair transplant today with 60-70 years ago, the difference is enormous.

Knowledge about hair loss and new technology has resulted in natural results with minimal risk of complications.

At the same time, new tools have emerged that make the procedure both cheaper and more painless.

A refined technology

Today’s hair transplantation is a sophisticated technique. Over the years, we have used several different techniques, such as the FUT method. Today, the FUE method is the most common technique worldwide.

Advances in grafting techniques have meant that the procedure produces minimal scarring and a very natural result. For the average person, it is often difficult to tell if someone has had a transplant or not.

Lower price than ever

As hair transplants have become increasingly popular, more and more clinics have been set up. More clinics means competition, which in turn drives down prices. A hair transplant has never been more affordable than today.

In addition, many clinics have started to offerco-payment. Since a hair transplant is a lifelong investment, part payment can make the price issue even less relevant.

PRP – an extra boost

The combination of a hair transplant with PRPas a post-treatment accelerates the final result.

PRP helps the transplanted hair follicles to settle and produce stronger hairs in less time.

The healing process is thus improved and shortened.

In principle painless

Today, technology and medicine have given us pain relief in the form of anaesthesia.

This makes the procedure relatively painless. In fact, the most painful part is getting the anaesthetic itself.

Research has made progress

Increased understanding of hair loss and hair allows the creation of a result that is more in line with the client’s wishes for their transplant.

For example, we use different kinds of hair follicle groups (based on the amount of hair follicles in the group) depending on where on the head they should be placed.

Detta skapar ett naturligt resultat och en naturlig hårlinje.

It’s time!

Have you wanted to have a hair transplant but were unsure of the outcome? Thought it costs too much? That it will hurt? Come in for a consultation and we’ll sort it all out.

We are happy to show you pictures and examples of results of customers with the same conditions as you.

There are many questions we can answer during a consultation. But one of the most common questions we hear after a client has actually made the decision to have a hair transplant is “Why didn’t I do this before?”.

This question is more difficult for us to answer.

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