Skillnad mellan onlinekonsultation och fysisk konsultation

The difference between video consultation and physical consultation

There are differences between online and face-to-face consultations.

It can be nice to be able to send pictures of your hair and get an initial assessment remotely.

However, in order to make a more thorough assessment, you will need to come to one of our clinics for a physical consultation.

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What is the difference?

A video consultation is suitable for those who live far away and are thinking of having a hair transplant.

For a video consultation, you submit images of your hair via our form. Then one of our hair specialists will get back to you with an initial assessment by phone or email.

It can be an advantage to get an initial assessment online before coming for a physical consultation. This will tell you whether or not you can have a transplant at all.

However, an image or video cannot replace an on-site examination at our clinic. For this reason, we refer you to come to our clinic for a physical consultation after a video consultation – all to make you feel comfortable before you undergo a procedure.

A physical consultation will take you to one of our clinics where you will meet one of our hair specialists. The hair specialist will make a thorough examination of your hair and tell you about your conditions, and of course you will be able to tell us what your expectations and wishes are.

The hair specialist will then come up with a proposal for the best treatment for you.

If you are thinking of having a transplant, it is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable and safe before the operation. A hair transplant is a permanent procedure and therefore it is important that we meet so that we can tell you more.

We can then tell you more about your hair quality and how many grafts can be extracted from your donor area and how many grafts will fit in the area you want to cover. We will also discuss your prerequisites and wishes.

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The assessment via images sent online may differ from the conditions we see when we meet in person, which is why the scope and size of the procedure may change on the day of the procedure if you choose to book a procedure without first completing a consultation at one of our clinics.

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