Can you "improve" your blood before a PRP treatment?

Quite often we are asked if there is anything special that a PRP client can do to prepare or think about before a PRP treatment in order to maximise its effect.

Sometimes the question is more concrete than that; whether you can “improve” and “boost” your blood before a treatment by eating something special, or perhaps abstaining from something.

Firstly, you should ideally feel healthy and alert at the time of injection. Having a slight cold does not affect the effectiveness of the treatment. However, you may be a little more sensitive about this.

The most important thing is that you don’t have a fever or an ongoing infection in your body – your body has other things to focus on. Treatment should also not be carried out during an ongoing course of antibiotics. Not because it is dangerous, but because the antibiotic weakens part of the effect of the treatment.

Sleeping well, eating good food, exercising and drinking plenty of water are general tips for feeling well and are of course recommended. Furthermore, most people know that smoking negatively affects most of the body’s processes, but this does not prevent the treatment from being carried out.

Furthermore, timely motion is preferable in the immediate period before reading. If you exercise extremely hard, a lot of energy is spent on repairing and recovering the body, so this should not be done just before treatment.

Eating foods rich in vitamins and iron, such as broccoli or spinach, is good for your blood values and makes your body feel good in general. However, they do not affect the plasma growth factors used in PRP treatment. Iron is in the red blood cells, which is not used in treatment.

We recommend abstaining from alcohol for at least a few days before treatment.

So, how much do these things really matter? The answer is that if you feel well – without exaggeration in any direction – the PRP treatment will have an effect. But it’s your own body that does the work. If your body feels extra good, you have given yourself the ultimate conditions for optimal treatment.

How does PRP treatment work?

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