ISHRS – International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

In November 2019 a few members from the Nordic Hair Clinic travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to take partake in ISHRS, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, World Congress. Dr. Canan – partner at Nordic Hair Clinic Istanbul is a member in ISHRS. We engaged in lectures and learned a lot about the latest technology regarding hair transplants.

Puncher from Devroye Instruments

Mats Stolt met with a representative from Devroye Instruments who demonstrated their drill that can run on both battery and be plugged in. The option to operate it with a foot pedal is also an option.

Puncher for long hair

A common reason that hinders women, and a few men, from undergoing a hair transplant is the fact that they need to shave, at least their donor area, to be able to extract the hair follicles. Here Mats Stolt and Dr. Canan looks at a new type of drill that makes it possible to extract even long hairs.

Puncher from Trivellini Tech

Another benefit that comes with transplanting long hair is the fact that the patient can see results immediately. When he/she has been shaved it takes about a year before they can se what the final result from the procedure will be. Today you can find several of different instruments that makes it possible to transplant long hair. Listen to Jorge from Trivellini Tech when he tells Mats Stolt and Dr. Canan abut their drill/puncher that rotates both ways to and changes direction when it detects risk of hair damage.

Local anaesthetics administrated through air pressure

Mustafa from Ertip Medical demonstrated their new instrument that administrates local anaesthetics with the help of air pressure instead of injections through a needle. The air helps the anaesthetics to penetrate the skin quick and effective.


Mustafa also mentioned that Ertip Medical is working on developing blades made from sapphire to puncture the skin to create channels to insert the hair follicles. Usually tiny razor blades are used but these sapphire blades can be less damaging on the skin in some patients cases.

APTV-solutions from Energy Delivery Solutions

Mats Stolt and Dr. Canan from Nordic Hair Clinic met with William from Energy Delivery Solutions who showed them their ATPV-solution, an additive to the nutrition liquid we place the put the grafts in, that supplies increased cell energy that increases the chanses for more grafts to survive the operation.


Cooler for grafts

Another important factor to make sure the grafts survive being outside the body is to make sure they are being kept cold. Traditionally ice is used to place the grafts  on, which can be an inconvenience. Here Mats Stolt and Dr. Canan are having a look at a machine that are used to cool grafts.

Implanter from Inrut

See Maggie Stolt talk about an implanter for hair follicles that can be used both shaved hairs and long hairs. It’s deloped by Inrut and makes the whole process of implanting grafts more automated.

Foto equipment from PhotoFinder

Since clear images are extremely important to be able to diagnose a patient and develop a treatment plan, the photo equipment needs to be of a good quality. PhotoFinder is a a series of equipment that developed to examine the scalp and help to take a clear image of both the thickness of the hairs and how far appart they are from each other.

Further demonstration of PhotoFinder

Here Mats Stolt are talking about how the system works and we can read the information we need from the software.

Glasses from Rose Micro Solutions

Glasses with both good lighting and magnifying is something we use a lot of during surgery at Nordic Hair Clinic. Our hair specialist Maggie Stolt are trying out some new models from Rose Micro Solutions.