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"I only had half my eyebrows left"

Published: 2019-02-17

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Zara had an eyebrow transplant with us in 2014. She was not completely satisfied with the result and then contacted us again to see if there was any way to resolve it. We booked her an eyebrow correction to fix the shape.

The first time Zara contacted us at Nordic Hair Clinic, it was because her eyebrow hair had stopped growing.

– When I was younger, I plucked my eyebrows. I had plucked them so much that no hair grew at all on the sides anymore. I only had half my eyebrows left. I Googled to see what could be done and then I found Nordic Hair Clinic, says Zara.

It is common for people to come to us who have broken the hair follicles in their eyebrows when they were young and this results in the hair follicle being destroyed and therefore unable to produce more hair.

Moves hair from the neck to the eyebrows

At the consultation, we discussed the possibility of doing an eyebrow transplant on Zara.
In eyebrow transplantation, like a normal hair transplant using the FUE method, hair follicles are taken from the donor area in the neck and transplanted to the eyebrows.

The risk with eyebrow transplantation, however, is that the hairline may grow out a little crooked because the hair follicle from the neck often does not follow the same direction of growth as the eyebrows do naturally. In addition, the hair will need to be cut because the hair on your head grows at a different rate than the hair on your eyebrows.

– We booked an appointment for an eyebrow transplant. After the procedure it was very swollen, but otherwise healing went well. However, the hairs were quite scattered when they grew out. They grew outwards instead of naturally growing sideways. I used eyebrow gel and I knew they would grow longer than the other eyebrow hairs, but keeping them in order so they didn’t split was the hardest part. It took a lot of energy out of me to keep fixing my eyebrows all the time,” says Zara.

Eyebrow correction to correct the shape

Zara didn’t feel happy with the result and it took many years before she felt she wanted to do something about it. Her post-pregnancy hair loss settled most of the hairs down, but there were a few hairs left sticking out.

She contacted the clinic again and, after a quick consultation, we came to the conclusion that an eyebrow correction was appropriate for the result Zara was looking for. With a microdrill, we drilled around the hair follicles that Zara wanted to remove and picked them out.

– I am very happy as it is now. Now I have brows again. Very satisfied with the treatment and how it has been solved. At first I felt a bit anxious when I contacted the clinic again because I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. But I think that both Mats and Maggie handled it very well and now afterwards Maggie has followed up with me to see how I feel about it now. I thought it was great and felt very safe and professional,” says Zara.

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