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"You just want to look good"

Published: 2017-02-10

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Ako, 33 years old

Ako has always had thin hair since he was a little boy and at certain times it was thinner than others. Since thinning hair runs in the family, he decided to seek a solution to the problem.

– For me it’s not exactly a complex, it’s never been a problem in my life. When I work out, I do it to make my body look good and it’s nothing to hide. The same goes for hair – you just want to look good. Doing a PRP treatment also feels very good because you don’t use any weird chemicals, but you use things that come from within yourself. It makes the treatment feel very natural, which is a plus since I work with training and health.

Ako Rahim is a major fitness professional and gym owner who is also known for his appearance on the TV show Gladiators. At the beginning of his career, he competed in many major fitness competitions where he won 11 medals, including World Championship gold in Athletic Fitness. Alongside his competitive career, he works as a personal trainer and is now in his seventh year of the TV show The Gladiators. After her competitive career, Ako changed direction in fitness and took up Crossfit. This led him to start up a new gym in Stockholm, Crossfit Autumn.

Since he was determined to find a solution for his thinning hair, it seemed the obvious thing to do was ask around and check with friends to see if anyone else had the same experience. It turned out that one of his friends had previously undergone PRP treatment at Nordic Hair and he was advised to try it as it gave a good result.

– I searched around on the internet for PRP treatments and quickly came across Nordic Hair. It was very clear and good information and I booked a consultation almost immediately. At the consultation, Maggie at the Stockholm Clinic gave me a very warm welcome, she informed me about everything and after the consultation there was no problem in continuing and starting the treatments.

Ako carried out PRP treatments for hair which slows hair loss, stimulates growth and increases nutrition. The treatment involves taking blood from the patient and extracting the concentrated growth factors. This is then injected at the treatment area which increases the production of hair cells by stimulating the stem cells at the hair follicles. A treatment session takes around 15-20 minutes and Ako carried out 3 treatments with a four-week interval between each treatment, to achieve the desired result, which is a common number of treatments.

Was it easy to carry out the treatments?
– I was very calm, at times like this I usually think it’s going to be done anyway so there’s no point in stressing out. The treatment itself felt a bit like a spa treatment, now I’m curious about the results.

How have people reacted to you doing PRP treatments?
They have actually been very curious. Many people have asked how it works, if it works well and have said that they are thinking of trying it themselves. Great response!

If your friends were to start losing hair, would you recommend doing a similar treatment?
– Yes absolutely, I have already done so and several of them are already booked.

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