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"My ego was hurting from my thinning hair"

Published: 2018-02-17

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Daniel, 36 years old

Daniel’s hair has been getting thinner and thinner in recent years.

– My thinning hair was really hurting my ego. I wanted to do something about it,” says Daniel.

Daniel is the CEO and founder of Salong Betong. A tattoo studio located in Stockholm and Malmö. He also hosts the “Hand on Heart” podcast with Daki Savic and Rodrigo Gonzalez.

Daniel’s hair is important to him. In recent years, he has complained about his thinning hair to friends and acquaintances.

– My friends denied it. But I could see it myself, says Daniel. To slow down hair loss and get his hair back, Daniel started doing a course of PRP hair treatments every month.

How did you find Nordic Hair Clinic?
– I saw on a friend’s Instagram that he has been to your place and had PRP treatments. I asked him if he was satisfied. And he was, so I made an appointment for a consultation at the clinic. Once there, I decided right away that I wanted to do PRP treatments.

Did you do much research beforehand?
– No, I didn’t. I googled a bit about how the treatment works. Otherwise, I fully trusted my friend that it is a treatment that is good and gives results.

How was your first treatment?
– I had been told that it doesn’t hurt. I am used to needles as I have many tattoos. Getting a tattoo hurts like hell. So I expected the treatment to be painless. However, it did hurt a bit at times. I chose not to have anesthesia for the reason that it is faster. But it went well.

Are you open with the fact that you do PRP treatments for your hair?
– Yes. I’ve been complaining about my baldness for years. So most freinds know that I have started with these treatments. I have received a lot of questions. Mainly, people wonder if it really works. Based on my friend’s awesome results, I know it works for him. But whether it works for me, I can’t know yet. It takes a while to see the result.

Would you recommend PRP treatments to others?
– If it works for me, which is too early to tell now, I would recommend anyone who is getting thinning hair to do this treatment. All to help your hair stay in place and grow better.

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