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"To all women who have problems with hair loss I would like to add that do not hesitate, just do it."

Published: 2020-07-10

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Therese, 41 years old

Therese is one of several people who have experienced hair loss after giving birth. Female hair loss affects some people after pregnancy and during breastfeeding, but although it’s normal to lose hair after giving birth, many people find it difficult. In Therese’s case, she lost a lot of hair because she suffers from a hair disorder called areta occipital that became noticeable after she gave birth. When Therese was looking for a solution to hair loss, she discovered the hair transplant treatment.

3.5 years ago, Therese, 41, had a baby and found that she lost a lot of hair after the pregnancy. Therese felt very bad about this and she no longer wanted to wash her hair as it was perceived as painful. She was looking for a solution to her hair loss and spoke to her hairdresser who recommended trying vitamins to combat hair loss. Unfortunately, the vitamins didn’t work, so Therese looked for other solutions.

Therese heard about treatments for hair loss and started researching what options were available. Then she started reading about hair transplants and more about the procedure. Among other things, she read client testimonials to find out about other people’s experiences with the treatment. Previously, Therese didn’t think that women could have hair transplants but realised that it was a treatment that suited her and her type of hair problem.

– For me, hair transplantation became a matter of course as I had previously read up on so many different treatments, says Therese.

Therese then booked a consultation with Nordic Hair Clinic. A doctor was able to determine that there was no life in any of her hair roots and that she suffered from something called areta occipital, which could explain the hair loss and why anti-hair loss vitamins had not worked. Areta occipital is a hair disorder that causes a lot of hair loss at the back of the head and there are no scientific studies to show why some people are affected. Since Therese had been feeling bad about her hair loss, there was no hesitation about the treatment.

Therese found that the treatment went quickly, which she found very comforting. Right after the hair transplant, she was prepared for it to be awkward and tough. Before the treatment, Therese had only told her family that she would perform the procedure. People around her did not notice that she had undergone a hair transplant. Her already long hair meant that no one noticed but herself.

Now, after the treatment, Therese feels good and is glad she had the hair transplant, her only regret being that she didn’t do it earlier.

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