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"No one has noticed that I did anything"

Published: 2018-03-28

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Soraya, 24 years old

Soraya has had issues about her hairline. She has been thinking for years about having a hair transplant and lowering her hairline. “My forehead felt really big,” says Soraya.

Soraya googled and found the Nordic Hair Clinic, which also had pictures of women who had hair transplants. She made an appointment for a free consultation at the clinic in Gothenburg.

– I got a very good treatment and a good impression of the clinic. I got to see before and after pictures of others who had done similar transplants. So I decided to make an appointment for a hair transplant,” says Soraya. This is something she has been thinking about for a long time. She reasoned that why not change something you really want. It will be worth the money in the end.

Soraya underwent a hair transplant using the FUE method and lowered her hairline. Afterwards, she has done a course of PRP treatments for best results.

soraya hårtransplantation
hårtransplantation resultat-3
hårtransplantation resultat

How did you feel immediately afterwards?
– I felt a sense of relief that it was done. I was a bit swollen from the anaesthetic and had some pain afterwards. The first nights it was uncomfortable to sleep. But then I could sleep as usual. The healing period went well. It healed properly.

How does it feel almost a year later?
– It feels great. I’m so glad I did the procedure.

Were you open about having a hair transplant?
– No, I haven’t told anyone. Nobody has noticed it either as far as I know. Some have said I look younger. During the healing period I wore a cap. Then I cut the bangs so it could be hidden. I have long hair so the donor area was not visible either.

Would you recommend others to have a hair transplant?
– Yes, you are so happy afterwards. I’ve always had a complex about my forehead and my high hairline. I used to always have bangs, but now I don’t. The procedure is worth it because it’s easy to do. It is absolutely worth the money. I am much happier with my appearance today.

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