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"It didn't hurt a bit"

Published: 2020-07-17

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En tunnhårig kvinna får PRP-behandling

Josefin, 24 years old

Josefin, 24, has lost a lot of hair in recent years. The main reason for this is that she bleaches her hair a lot at home. Stress is also a reason for her hair loss.

After seeing one of Therese Lindgren’s vlogs where she talked about her boyfriend Anders starting PRP for his hair at Nordic Hair Clinic, Josefin became interested. She read more about PRP and then made an appointment for a consultation at the clinic. – I got great information about PRP. I decided to give the treatment a chance. I didn’t feel I needed to go to more clinics as you are professional and a leader in PRP, says Josefin.

Josefin will do three PRP treatments for her hair. This is to slow down hair loss and stimulate growth.

Did you do research about PRP before?
– Yes, I read a lot. I also looked at a lot of before and after pictures on your instagram.

How did you feel before the first treatment?
– I was worried that it would hurt as I had no anaesthetic. But I was also very excited. I had been looking forward to doing the treatment for a long time.

How was your first treatment?
– It was good. It went quickly and smoothly. It didn’t hurt a bit either. The nurse was very good and knows her stuff.

Did you tell them you do PRP treatments for hair?
– I’ve told friends and family. Nobody knew about the treatment and asked a lot about it. They thought they sounded absolutely revolutionary. Dem vil testa själva!

Would you recommend others to have PRP treatments with us?
– Yes! It’s quick and easy to do. You are a leader in PRP. A big plus is that the clinic is centrally located and has fresh premises. PRP has no side effects so you have nothing to lose. I wouldn’t have done the treatment if it wasn’t natural.

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