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"I had never heard of PRP treatment before"

Published: 2022-01-07

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sanna kundberättelse

Sanna, 26 years old

Sanna is currently in the reality series “Are you the one – Sweden” on TV3 and has recently started to lose a lot of hair.

Sanna works as a hairdresser and her hair is important to her. A friend of hers told me about PRP as a treatment for hair loss.

Did you research the treatment beforehand?
– No, I haven’t. But I have looked at your website and seen a lot of before and after pictures. People have had fantastic results from the treatment so I have great expectations.

How did you feel before the first treatment?
– I was a bit nervous and worried. Because I’m a little afraid of needles and syringes.

How was your first treatment?
– It was less painful than I thought. It went very smoothly. For the next treatment, I won’t be as nervous now that I know how it works. I could barely feel the pinprick.

Did you tell them you do PRP treatments for hair?
– Yes, I have. I have told friends and colleagues. Very few people knew about the treatment. However, everyone has been positive about me doing PRP. This is mainly because it is a natural treatment I think. Many are also interested in testing for themselves.

Would you recommend PRP treatments to others?
– Yes. If it works for me, I recommend the treatment to everyone. It’s no fun for a woman to lose her hair. Not for a man either, for that matter.

sanna prp-behandling

– I’m so happy about that. I hadn’t heard of PRP before,” says Sanna.

After a consultation at the clinic, Sanna decided to give PRP a try. She was advised to start with 3 PRP treatments at 1 month intervals.

This is to slow down hair loss and stimulate their female hair loss to counteract thinning hair.

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