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"I'm glad I've finally done it"

Published: 2020-07-16

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Robin has been bothered by his hair loss for a few years. He has tried tablets and lots of other things that he has heard should work but was sad to see no clear results. He wanted to do something that really worked and that gave a permanent result. That’s why he decided to have a hair transplant with us at Nordic Hair Clinic.

Robin ure hårtransplantation

Robin says he notices a stigma among men when it comes to talking about doing something to prevent hair loss. He says it seems that recently it has become easier for women to talk about the beauty procedures they choose to have. But for men, where hair loss is a very common problem that many feel bad about, interventions to counteract this are still not something that is talked about loudly. It’s not part of the matcho culture, says Robin. But he himself has no problem talking about it. He is open about the fact that he has felt bad about losing his hair and now wants to do something about it.

Robin was tipped off by several people close to him who had been to Nordic Hair Clinic for surgery and/or treatments and were very satisfied, so he decided to make an appointment for a consultation and soon booked an appointment for transplantation. “Before, it was a little nerve-wracking,” says Robin. He also says that he is aware that it will take some time before he can see the final result, but that he is very hopeful.

Robin did a relatively small hair transplant with only 820 grafts to fill in some of the hairline and some minor areas where he had lost hair. In some patients, not so many grafts are needed to achieve a clear result.

7 months later

It has now been 7 months since Robin underwent his hair transplant. To keep his hair strong and healthy, Robin has chosen to continue PRP treatments. Nordic Hair Clinic includes 3 PRP treatments after hair transplantation to accelerate the healing process and hair growth. In this way, results can be seen earlier.

robin ure-hårtransplantation

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