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"I wanted to slow down hair loss and get my hair back"

Published: 2018-02-17

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Rickard’s permanent solution to hair loss in the family.


Rickard, 34 years old

Rickard 34 years old started losing hair at the age of 26. The more hair he lost, the more uncomfortable he began to feel.

– I wanted to slow down the hair loss and get my hair back to feel more comfortable with my appearance,” says Rickard.

Many people in Rickard’s family suffer from hair loss. Since it is partly hereditary, he knew what his hair loss would lead to if he didn’t do something about it. Rickard didn’t try any other treatment methods before he started looking into hair transplantation.

– Other treatments seem to be only a temporary solution while a hair transplant is permanent, says Rickard.

Rickard did a hair transplant using the FUE method. In total, there were 2,400 grafts. Afterwards, he underwent a course of PRP treatments to get the best possible results.

How did you find Nordic Hair Clinic?
– I was looking for information about hair transplants on the internet. I read lots of reviews and customer testimonials. When I read that so many people were satisfied after having a hair transplant with you, I booked an appointment for a consultation at the clinic in Gothenburg. Everyone there treated me very well. Everything felt great. Immediately at the consultation, I booked an appointment for a procedure.

Tell us about your experience on the treatment day?
– I was very nervous. I could hardly sleep the night before. But before my procedure, all my questions and concerns were answered. That made me a little less nervous. The staff was experienced and very skilled. I felt I was in safe hands. The whole procedure took just over 5 hours.

How did you feel afterwards?
– I felt tired. Immediately afterwards I had a bit of a headache. The first night I slept better than expected even though I was half asleep. I was careful to follow all the care instructions to the letter.

How does it feel today?
– I’ve got a great result and I’m very happy with it. I never dared to hope that the result would be so good!

Were you open about having a hair transplant?
– Yes. Family, friends and colleagues knew about it. I got a lot of questions both before and afterwards. I have inspired others to dare to do a hair transplant.

Would you recommend others to have a hair transplant?
– Yes! It’s an intervention that does so much for confidence. I am very happy. I felt very uncomfortable before. Now I feel comfortable with my appearance. I never wear a hat and cap anymore. I used to wear it a lot to hide my thin hair.

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