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"My hair finally fell out and I didn't feel like myself anymore"

Published: 2019-01-27

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Gashaw has always had thick, long hair that she has taken good care of, but a few years ago she started bleaching it, which significantly affected the quality of her hair. She first started with curls, then moved on to ombre and finally dyed her hair full blonde. All at the expense of her hair quality. When she felt she didn’t look like herself anymore because she had lost so much hair, she sought help from us at Nordic Hair Clinic and was recommended to undergo a course of PRP treatment.

– I received so many compliments when I dyed my hair blonde. People said it really suited me and so I continued with it. So for a whole year I bleached my hair constantly. To avoid those reddish-orange tones that you can get when you have naturally dark hair like I do, I used silver shampoo, silver conditioner and cold dye bombs all the time. It tore my hair incredibly and my hair eventually broke off,” says Gashaw.

Gashaw tried to save her bleached hair

It made Gashaw feel anxious about her hair. When people started to react to the fact that she had become much thinner, it only made things worse.

– I tried to dye my hair brown again but the colour didn’t stick to the blonde. My hair had stopped growing. My hair just got shorter and shorter. I cut it all the time too to reduce wear and tear. Eventually I felt that I didn’t look like myself anymore. I had gone from having hair down to my tailbone to having thin shoulder-length hair.

On Instagram, Gashaw saw that there was a treatment that could help with hair thinning called PRP, and that there was a clinic in Stockholm that specialised in it.

– Then I just felt that no, but this is something I want to do. It can save what I have caused. I hesitated for a while at first because I thought PRP was for people who might not have any hair left. I didn’t dare to treat myself to it. But I’m so glad I took the step to actually start PRP.

Hair growth and quality increased with PRP

By the third treatment, Gashaw could feel a huge difference. Her hair growth had increased and the hair that had grown out had better hair quality.

– If I feel the scalp with my fingers, it’s an extremely big difference from how it was when I first came here. The woman who did the third treatment on me said she also noticed a huge difference. That she couldn’t do hair with just one finger anymore, she had to work with all her fingers. It feels like new hair is growing out and that’s great,” says Gashaw.

prp behandling

Gashaw has told many people that she does PRP treatment. She has advised many people at school who have also suffered from hair loss due to bleaching. Several people have seen on social media that she goes to Nordic Hair Clinic. They have asked questions about what PRP is and how it works.

– My mother has been especially supportive in this. She has seen how my hair has become much thinner so she was just happy that I had found something that could help my hair become more like it was before. She herself feels that her hair doesn’t have the same quality and volume as it did a few years ago. She thinks PRP sounds scary, but she sees my results. With me, we all have concrete proof that PRP actually works. It’s nice that there’s a solution for people who have made the same mistakes as me,” says Gashaw.

prp behandling

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