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Published: 2019-02-03

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Eva, 54 years old

When Eva suddenly started losing a lot of hair, she began to wonder if there was anything she could do about her hair loss, if there was any way to slow it down or get her hair back. She hadn’t heard of PRP treatment until one of her friends told her about it because she’d had such good results herself.

– All of a sudden the hair almost disappeared. Then a friend told me about PRP treatment. It sounded very simple with PRP. And then I felt I wanted to try it,” says Eva.

She didn’t read up on other solutions for hair loss because PRP seemed like a treatment that would suit her. It sounded like a simple, non-time-consuming procedure and Eva felt it was worth a try.

– I chose to do PRP because it seemed like a simple and good solution. No anaesthetic is needed. It sounded almost a little too easy actually, so then you dare to try it.

Whether or not you want an anaesthetic is up to you. A PRP treatment without anaesthesia takes about 45 minutes, but if you choose to have anaesthesia, the anaesthetic must be left on for 45 minutes to take effect. Whether a treatment hurts or not differs greatly from person to person.

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How do you look after your first PRP treatment?

One concern that many people have before their first PRP treatment is how they will look afterwards. Unlike a hair transplant, you can continue with your daily activities almost immediately after a PRP treatment.

– I thought I would have to leave with a hat and that I might be in some pain, but I didn’t feel any of that. I just had to comb my hair and go out to a restaurant,” Eva says, laughing.

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Results continue several months after treatment

It takes a few months to see results after your PRP treatment. It can take up to 4 months after treatment to see real results, but for some patients you can already start to notice a difference after the third treatment session.

– I think my treatments have gone really well and I think I’ve seen a difference. I have done 3 treatments so far and it has been a few months. And I see a difference. In the photos on the follow-up, but I also see for myself.

– I would really recommend Nordic Hair Clinic. I had never heard of this before, and that there were such simple solutions to hair loss, I had never dreamed of actually. I had no idea. I thought it was much more complicated than that. Then it takes a few months before something starts to happen, before you start to see the results and notice a difference, but I’m already starting to see some difference. It’s amazing.

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