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"I have tried most things to slow down my hair loss but nothing helped"

Published: 2018-05-30

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It was Victoria’s boyfriend who heard about PRP hair treatments. Viktoria thought it seemed interesting. She searched for clinics and found Nordic Hair Clinic. – At the consultation I got a great treatment. I felt very calm and hopeful after being there and getting more information about the PRP,” says Vitoria.

Viktoria decided to start with three PRP treatments for her hair at one-month intervals. This is to slow down hair loss and stimulate growth.

Did you research the treatment beforehand?
– Yes, I did. My boyfriend and I did a lot of research together. We found nothing negative at all about PRP.

How did you feel before the first treatment?
– I was very tense and nervous. And worried that the treatment would hurt. I find needles and syringes uncomfortable.

How was your first treatment?
– It went well. It went much smoother and easier than I thought it would. It didn’t hurt either. I had worried unnecessarily. Before my second treatment I was much calmer and not nervous at all.

Have you noticed any difference after your treatments?
– I’ve had two treatments and I can feel my hair starting to grow. The hair follicles have come to life. I thought it would take longer before I noticed any difference. So I’m pleasantly surprised.

Did you tell them you do PRP treatments for hair?
– Yes, I have. For most people, PRP is completely new. I got questions about what it is and how it works. Then many people thought it was scary and asked if it hurt.

Would you recommend PRP treatments to others?
– Yes indeed. I, who have tried most things to slow down my hair loss and make my hair grow better, can really recommend PRP. It really makes an impact. It’s a treatment that works unlike wraps, the balm method and all that. PRP gives a result I have not had before.

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