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"I looked over what options there were but pretty quickly came to the conclusion that it's PRP I should try"

Published: 2020-11-19

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Pontus, 45 years old

Pontus has good hair for his age. But in recent years, he has noticed that some parties are thinning out. He tried a PRP treatment to revive the hair follicles and hopefully see results soon.

When Pontus’s daughters and wife started pointing out that they saw thin sections in his hair, he felt he had to do something about it. His wife did some research and made enquiries, which resulted in Pontus making an appointment for a consultation. Once there, he didn’t know whether a hair transplant or PRP was best for him. But since he hadn’t lost that much hair and had otherwise healthy hair, PRP was what our hair specialist recommended.

Pontus was very excited before the treatment, he was so looking forward to getting thicker hair again. And also looking forward to the subsequent treatments included in the cure.

Follow Pontus before, during and after his first PRP treatment!

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