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"If it bothers you, I think you should address it right away."

Published: 2022-11-15

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you get the area mapped out before your hair transplant, hair transplant sweden

Pontus Olsson, 39 years

Pontus’ hair had thinned out over time at the front and temples We moved 2500 grafts, thus creating a denser hair growth at the front part of the scalp.

From the start, Pontus was open about his upcoming hair transplant with friends, family, as well as at the workplace. After the operation, he has received many questions from others who are considering a similar procedure. For him, it’s important to share his experience and inspire people whose well-being is negatively affected by thinning hair or ongoing hair loss.

– It’s an incredibly good feeling that I have now afterwards, and one that I would like others to experience as well, says Pontus.

We moved 2500 individual hair follicle groups (grafts) from Pontus’ neck to his front and temples using the FUE method. That means each hair follicle group is moved manually, one at a time.

If it bothers you, I think you should address it right away – there’s no difficulty in it, says Pontus.

See more of Pontus’ fantastic results and hear him talk about the past year below.

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