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"People who don't know me don't see that I've had a hair transplant"

Published: 2020-07-23

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mourad hårtransplantation

For Mourad, a barber, hair is incredibly important. It’s not only a big part of his look and confidence, but also a promotional tool for his company and work. That’s why he wants nice, thick hair that also looks natural. However, he wanted to find a clinic he felt confident in, and eventually came to us at Nordic Hair.

Mourad runs two barbershops in Stockholm and works with hair and beards all day long and has seen all kinds of results from hair transplants, ranging from fine and natural results to results that are anything but fine. Many clients who he felt had the best results had had their surgeries at Nordic Hair Clinic. The last customer he saw, he asked for the number of the clinic so that he could make an appointment for a consultation. Once there, Mourad had such a good impression that he decided to make an appointment for a hair transplant right away. The transplant went well and 2500 grafts were transplanted to Mourad’s hairline and some thinner areas on his head.

PRP treatment after Mourad’s hair transplant

About a week after the transplant, Mourad was back for the first of the three PRP treatments that are part of a hair transplant at one of our clinics in Sweden. He says the sting from the syringes is like nothing compared to the anaesthetic during the transplant, which, incidentally, was the only thing he felt during the operation. He says it was quick and almost felt nothing at all.

mourad prp

“Don’t think – just do it”

Mourad’s advice to others considering a hair transplant is to do one. If you’ve been thinking about making one, it’s probably because you’ve lost some hair, he says. He stresses that it is important to choose a good clinic in order to get the best possible results. He himself would highly recommend Nordic Hair Clinic.

mourad hårtransplantation

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