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"Hair gets better after each treatment"

Published: 2020-10-15

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Margareta, 67 years old

67-year-old Margareta does PRP hair treatments regularly. According to her, the hair gets stronger and better after each treatment.

Margareta has been doing PRP hair treatments at Nordic Hair Clinic since 2013. It all started when she had problems with her hair and was recommended by a good friend to go to the Nordic Hair Clinic.

7 years of PRP treatment

After 7 years, Margareta still visits the clinic to maintain and improve her results. Hon tycker att hennes hår blir bättre och starkare efter varje behandling.

– My results would not have been as successful if I had gone to other clinics. I recommend Nordic Hair Clinic to anyone who wants to strengthen their hair and do a natural treatment.

prp-behandling nordic hair clinic

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