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"I want to avoid thin hair"

Published: 2018-05-15

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Marcelo, 28 years old

Marcelo is happy with his hair but wants to start PRP for prevention.
I want to avoid thinning and keep my hair for a long time. Why not get a nicer haircut if you can?”

Marcelo works with his social media. Instagrams, blogs and plans to start a Youtube channel in the future. Taking care of yourself is something Marcelo values highly. Every day he inspires thousands of people to do the same. Hair is also important to Marcelo.

– I saw on Instagram that a friend did PRP for her hair at your place. I thought I wanted to do PRP too,” says Marcelo.

Marcelo made an appointment for a consultation at the clinic. Then he decided to start with three PRP treatments for his hair. The treatment slows hair loss and stimulates growth.

prp-behandling marcelo pena

Did you research the treatment beforehand?
– Yes, I have. This is important to me. I have read about the treatment and its effects. I find it very fascinating that only your own blood plasma is used for the treatment. It’s awesome that it’s a natural treatment. I wouldn’t have wanted to inject anything into my body.

How did you feel before the first treatment?
– It felt very exciting. I was so excited happy and joyful. Finally, I would get to try PRP. I had been looking forward to doing the treatment for a long time. I wasn’t the least bit nervous or worried.

How was your first treatment?
– It was good. It was quick, smooth and didn’t hurt a bit. The nurse was serious, professional and very experienced. Afterwards, it felt as good as ever. It also did not appear that I had done a treatment.

Did you tell them you do PRP treatments for hair?
– Yes, I have. All my social media followers know about it. There were many who didn’t know what PRP is. I’m looking forward to showing off my results later. I hope to inspire others to do PRP. I know that many men have complexes about having thin hair. I hope more people will find out that help is available.

Would you recommend PRP treatments to others?
– I will definitely recommend others to do PRP if I get a good result.

prp-behandling marcelo pena

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