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"The hair after the procedure grew nicely and just got denser and denser"

Published: 2020-02-03

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Madeleine works as a nurse anaesthetist and is used to the surgical environment. So once she was there for a hair transplant, it felt both easier and calmer. The idea of the procedure also seemed easier because she had realised that she would probably have felt even worse about her hair loss if she hadn’t been able to cover her hair with a surgical cap at work.

– I just kept losing more and more hair. Nothing helped even though I tried both the right diet and vitamins. I’m very afraid of flying, so I wanted to find an alternative in Sweden that could help me,” says Madeleine.

The choice was between PRP and hair transplantation

Madeleine’s hair just got thinner and thinner with patchesthat became harder to hide as time went on. After some searching on the Internet, she found Nordic Hair Clinic. At first she thought a PRP treatment would be enough, but after a consultation she finally decided on an actual hair transplant.

– It felt silly to delay it any further as I wasn’t entirely sure that PRP alone would help me. I wanted a permanent result to be sure of.

Transplant day was a bit nervous but came as a positive surprise

Before the operation, Madeleine felt a little anxious, but all in all it went well, except that the anaesthetic was a little uncomfortable. It was a bit difficult to sleep the first night and afterwards it itched a bit. Otherwise, she feels very pleasantly surprised. The procedure went faster than the five hours she was expecting and the pain was gone after 24 hours.

– I was a bit tired after the operation but luckily my husband was able to meet me. It was a bit hard to shave the donation area mostly because then I could clearly see how little hair I actually had.

During the first two days of healing, you will have to sleep in a sitting position and you may bleed a little from the donation area, but you should be careful with the newly transplanted hair follicles.

– What was difficult with the healing was getting rid of all the plasma and clotted blood but I flushed it out with water. I was worried about an infection but it never happened.

You have to be patient while waiting for the final result

It was a bit slow for the hair to heal during the first months, but now after a year you can see clear results. Madeleine has also done several post-treatments with PRP, which is included in the price of a hair transplant.

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She thinks it has gone quickly and smoothly. Even if you get a little impatient to see results, Madeleine thinks it’s important to point out that you should think about how little hair you had before for maybe 5 to 10 years. It won’t be good in a week, so you have to be patient as the final result will show after 12-18 months.

– I wasn’t really worried even though it took time and even my hairdresser said that my hair grew nicely after the procedure and just got denser and denser. I didn’t feel that a hair transplant was as difficult for me because the procedure itself felt more medical than aesthetic.

There is help for women

All in all, Madeleine is satisfied and would recommend other women to have a hair transplant if their hair loss makes them feel bad. She is aware that it can be a bit difficult to talk about but you can get help as a woman with a result that is good in the end. Madeleine’s job has also allowed her to conceal her hair transplant with a surgical cap while her hair has been growing out.

– I’ve told people and several colleagues want to come and also send their husbands here,” she says, laughing.

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