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"It felt good that it was finally done"

Published: 2018-03-15

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Luciano, 51 years old

Luciano 51 years old started getting thinning hair at a young age. Twenty years ago, he had a hair transplant with punch grafts that left terrible scars. Something he has long wanted to correct with another hair transplant.

Luciano had a hair transplant 20 years ago using a technique called punch grafts. The punch graft technique involved punching the hair out of the donor area. Back then, they worked with much larger grafts than today. Which resulted in large marks and scars. Luciano was left with large marks and scars on his scalp after his procedure. He wanted to do another hair transplant to correct the marks and scars and get more hair. – I’ve been putting off doing another hair transplant. I was tired of everything to do with hair transplants. It felt like an evil necessity. I had to do it to finish what I had once started,” says Luciano.

This time Luciano did a hair transplant with the FUE method and PRP treatment afterwards for best results. Since he had a previous transplant, he didn’t have enough hair left in his neck to transplant. Instead, hair from Luciano’s chest was transplanted. A so-called body hair transplant.

How did you find Nordic Hair Clinic?
– I was reading on the internet about hair transplants and came across the Nordic Hairs website. I made an appointment for a consultation. I met Mats and everything felt good so I decided to do a hair transplant at the clinic in Stockholm.

Did you do much research beforehand?
I have a lot of knowledge about hair transplants as I have read a lot and thought about doing another procedure for many years. I’ve become a bit of an expert when it comes to hair transplants.

nordic hair clinic

What were your thoughts before your procedure?
– I was excited. But also very nervous. I didn’t know how the transplant would go. It is more difficult to transplant hair from the chest than from the neck.

Tell us about your experience during the treatment day?
– I got a great treatment. The staff were responsive and very skilled. What was hard was that I had to shave my hair off. Then my scars and marks from my previous punch graft transplant were even more visible. I don’t want to show those scars. But now I had to. The procedure itself went as planned. Smoothly and without complications. It took just over five hours.

How did it feel afterwards?
– It felt good that it was finally done. It was a relief that the procedure went well.

What difference do you notice today?
– It has been two weeks since the transplant. It’s healing properly. It will take time for the hair to start growing and I can see the difference. I am aware of that. I can’t wait and look forward to it. I do PRP treatments too. It is good for the healing process.

Were you open about having a hair transplant?
– Not really. My family knew I was having another procedure. But otherwise I didn’t tell anyone.

Did you get many questions afterwards?
– After the transplant, I wore a hat all the time. I was asked why I was wearing a hat. Then I mentioned that I had a hair transplant. But I didn’t tell you much more.

Would you recommend others to have a hair transplant?
– Yes. I would advise anyone who is in a good position to do a hair transplant to do it. There are lots of factors that are important to consider when having a procedure. If it’s important to you to have hair on your head to feel good, do it.

nordic hair clinic

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